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Info on a Bundy Clarinet?

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I was cleaning up around the house, and I came across this clarinet that I picked up a couple of years back. I couldn't get much out of it, so I just stored it away. Since I know nothing about it (and couldn't find much when Googling,) I was hoping someone here might know something.

Writing on the front of the upper joint:


Writing on the back/bottom of the upper joint (Note: the '902' looks like it was engraved on by a shaky hand :?):


Writing on the bell:


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The 577 Bundy is a - dare I say - good student-grade clarinet. Nearly indestructible, good keywork and all, a million-seller. A safe bet for outdoors and that nephew/niece who wants to start. Don't lightheartedly give it away for an apple and an egg.
(The 577 refers to the bore size - .577" or 1.465 mm)

I've restored a bunch of these and every single one was - with a good mouthpiece - a good player. Get a Hite Premiere or a Fobes Debut mouthpiece and get goin'.
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