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Info: Good case for Buescher big "B" bari

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I took the plunge and ordered the "Bags" brand case on eBay for my newly acquired 1954 Buescher bari. The seller delivered very quickly and I got it for half the normal retail price.
I had to modify it by removing the central partition as per the seller's instructions, at first I was nervous about doing this and wasn't sure if it would fit at all, but it does fit, tightly, which I suppose is better than loose.
The bell angle cutaway isn't quite right and it looks a bit odd in the case, but again, this helps to tighten the fit and stop it shaking about.
I was hoping to find a rectangular hard case for a low Bb but gave up in the end. There may be some in the old fashioned style but they are much too expensive for me.
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