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inexpensive flute (open hole/offset G)

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Other than Ebay and, does anyone know of any online music stores that have reasonable prices on used student or intermediate model flutes? I am looking for an open hole flute with an offset G for under $350.

Maybe I'm not being realistic in my price range....(sorry... poor college student here...):)

Any advice would be appreciated.....


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last time I checked had a good price on an Emerson student flute for around $350.
The best thing to do would be look at used low to mid-level flutes.

They usually have decent prices and a 45 day trial period. So you can try a few different ones and keep whatever you like most. I've bought stuff and returned stuff, no hassles.
I thought they were bankrupt?

I'm very impressed with the Yamaha open hole student flute. It has a beautiful quality of sound, superb projection, and good intonation.

I found an older model (YFL 26) on Ebay in December and got it for around $175. It was in decent condition but it needed some work. My repair tech gave it a good going over. Her cost was around $95. It now looks and plays like a brand new flute.

I highly recommend seeing in you can find a used Yamaha flute. If you do Google searches on various Yamaha flute search keys you might be able to find on-line music shops that have used flutes.

Good luck!

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And it makes no diference whether that Yamaha student flute is open hole or not. Indeed, perhas 98% of people don't need the open holes, and for perhaps 80%, the open holes are a nuisance &/or make the flute play worse. The open holes are largely a fashion.
Gordon (NZ) said:
I thought they were bankrupt?
Last year I read the same thing. Apparently they filed a form of bankruptcy that enabled them to reorganize & stay in business. I've talked to them on the phone as recently as a few weeks ago, so they're still around.

As for flute recommendations for greyteque - I agree with everyone Yamaha is a good pick. I also think Jupiters are great especially for the price. Several pros I know and trust really like Azumi, though I haven't played one myself. Sonare flutes *can* be good too but IME their build quality is less consistent than Yamaha or Jupiter.
Gordon (NZ) said:
I thought they were bankrupt?
They were bought buy Guitar Center back in February.

Joe B
Most of the time, a sale in Chapter 11 is "transparent" to customers, meaning that you don't really see much difference between the company as operated before and after Chapter 11. Most of these, including this one, have big bank loans, with all the inventory and receivables and other assets pledged as collateral. When the sale happens, the bank or banks are paid, usually in full, because their liens on collateral are like mini ownership interests (actually, constitutionally protected property interests), and other creditors split what is left over (if anything) on a pro-rata basis. The point is that the company will continue under new owners.
I have purchased from them during the case and after, and I just got the newest catalogue yesterday. They seem fine to me.
Practicing Chapter 11 law is my "day job." Playing music is a lot more fun, but not nearly as handy with paying the bills!
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MRC01 said:
Sonare flutes *can* be good too but IME their build quality is less consistent than Yamaha or Jupiter.
That's probably because they are coming out of three different places. Wasser stated that the sonares are made in Germany, Taiwan, or China, and each flute as required by law bears the country of origin on it.

Joe B
Thank you all for your replies. I bought a used open hole student Yamaha on Ebay for under $300. I usually don't buy off Ebay but the seller seemed legit (according to feedback) and everything looked okay (fingers crossed)... Thanks again!
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