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Indiana Serial # Question

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I've been looking (I look at saxes a lot, lol) at an Indiana by Martin, if the serial number is 75XXX when was it made? I looked at the Martins story website and it said that that specific serial number was from 1926 but that doesn't seem to be correct. Any idea when it was made?
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Between 1959 and 1960
Probably 1960
alright, thanks very much!
I just got an Indiana and even my tech thought it was a "nice pre-war Martin" and when I tried to argue he pointed to the serial number. I told him I had read they were a later model made with earlier parts, and then he said he wasn't really sure. Actually it's true it's not a pre-war model. The Indianas were made at the Indiana band instrument company factory bought out by Martin in 1942, and they used a different serial list. Mine is 51xxx and thats 1955. (fwiw, I tried a Martin Handcraft that was probably from the late 20's/early 30's and the keywork did not feel as light and modern as on my Indiana. But to me, the tone of my Indiana is very lush and "vintage.")
When using themartinstory, click the dropdown on the right hand folder to SERIAL NUMBERS and you will see a second line for the Indiana models.
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