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Incomplete Serial Numbers

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I guess if I don't know the answer to a silly question then it's silly not to ask it :)

Why are saxophone serial numbers alway quoted incomplete with Xs in place of the missing numbers? Why don't people just show the whole number?
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It is a matter of privacy, I guess. Like saying your name but not your surname (or using nicknames such as Milandro! ;) ). Useful for Identification but not complete give away of identity.
Mainly so some goblin can't put in a claim that it was stolen from him.
on the other hand one should be able to prove that the item was his in the first place...knowing the serial number is not proof of property
Milandro (and others): Yes, the triple X at the end of a number is so someone else can't claim theft. But the deeper problem is the hassle one would have to go through to prove the horn actually belongs to the accused.

Most police agencies would be accused of dereliction if they refused to accept a crime report from someone alleging a crime. THEN, the facts on the face of the report (the false allegation of theft) takes on a certain credibility because until proven false, it must be persued.

To prove ownership, one would most likely have to provide a receipt. I know I probably couldn't come up with receipts for everything I own with a serial number. So it would mean interviews and hassles far beyond the worth of just putting in the X's. DAVE
Dave, I understand the need for avoiding problems in life ;) :) amd I XXX my horns as well as anybodyelse. I just think that it is more a privacy overstatement than a real useful precaution. However, it can't harm, I agree...but if a potential buyer of a horn you have for sale asks you for the full SN, not providing it in full would arise the suspicion that you have something to hide ....and providing in full it will expose you anyway to the risk of a malicious act.

If you can't prove ownership of a certain item with a serial number, I guess you could mail yourself a picture of the SN in a closed envelope and should anybody claim the item is theirs you can always prove that it was in your possession prior to that claim (as you do in order to register copyright)
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