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In honor of every saxophone player alive, or dead.

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Hello. I am here at school, and I have decided to dedicate this thread to a lot of people. I am dedicating this thread to every sax player whose dream was to play saxophone, and they made it their life. I am dedicating this thread to saxophone players that love what they do, and to those who do it, and would continue to do it for the rest of their lives. I am dedicating this to anyone out there who loves music, and wouldn't have it any other way. I am asking all of you to lpease post your favorite song or video of your favorite saxophone player alive or dead. But I want this to be remembered by everyone. Just because a musician is dead doesn't mean that you can't still hear their music.
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I would like to apologize for putting this in the wrong category.
Good thread.
Here is Bob Berg.
In the shadow of the great Michael Brecker for most of his career.
His playing demonstrates, for me, one of the most admirable aspects of the character of those who endevour to make the sax their life. Balls.
This is not necessarily the most artistically creative solo ever played, but it has balls in spades. Enjoy.

Wow that Berg clip is hot....what kind of mpc is he using
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