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In a Sentimental Mood Piano e Tenor Sax

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I just played this tune (I played sax and piano)
I hope you enjoy it

Tenor Sax : Yanagisawa T9930
Pre : Avalon M5
Mic : AKG414
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Thank you Wade

Thanks for listening to my music and spend your time for comments.
You are right when you say that there are few open spaces in my solo, but you know, I just changed the reed sax to practice and when I do this, I usually recording some tunes. And when you practice you're not focused as a concert

What do you think about the levels of the sax and piano? Do you like it or you prefer more sax o more piano?

Which is your main instrument? You play both so well I couldn't tell. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
Thanks so much Martin, I'm so happy that you enjoyed it!!
My main instrument is .... my crazy mind!!!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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