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In a Sentimental Mood Piano e Tenor Sax

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I just played this tune (I played sax and piano)
I hope you enjoy it

Tenor Sax : Yanagisawa T9930
Pre : Avalon M5
Mic : AKG414
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You're obviously a well educated musician and very comfortable playing both piano and sax. Not sure if you want critical comments or just wanted to share. Will say that you are very accomplished on both. Your Piano work was restrained but beautifully played using wonderful structure. Your sax playing showed off a lot of technique that was mostly appropriate, but I felt that more space would have been nice. Seemed like you were trying to fill every bit of space with something. This is OK if the subject is just a technical exposition, but you chose a ballad and a very beautiful arrangement with complex structures that add character and feeling.

You've shown us how much you can play. Would love to hear you also show us how little you can play and emphasize the emotional content without over embellishment.

Many thanks for the post. Despite the critical comments it's really great playing.
Thank you Wade

Thanks for listening to my music and spend your time for comments.
You are right when you say that there are few open spaces in my solo, but you know, I just changed the reed sax to practice and when I do this, I usually recording some tunes. And when you practice you're not focused as a concert

What do you think about the levels of the sax and piano? Do you like it or you prefer more sax o more piano?

The sound levels between piano and sax were good, but the mix (pan) too even which made it sound mono. I'd pan one slightly one way and the other slightly to the other side. The piano barely had a solo and seemed to be mostly accompaniment. If this wasn't what was intended then the piano would need lots more space (no sax) or the sax would need to back off and vamp to let the piano come forward. From what I heard your piano work is very smooth and solid. I'd liked to have heard more piano.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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