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I posted a notice in announcements about a -Project-I'm very proud of.
It involves a woodwind trio of conceptionally improvised musics.
Via Mr. Sonny Simmons english horn and myself and Michael Marcus on other woodwinds.
75% of the time..I am playing bassoon. My lines and motifs are developed within' our framework of ensemble interplay.
This is something people NEED to hear..especially college students.
Tho, Mr Marcus and I are players who do play the more unusal saxes like straight tenors, stritches,saxellos of various makes and bass sax (Marcus) and Electro-Bassoon (me) we are going totally woodwind based and acoustic on this project.
Our scope as straight ahead players is an asset to this ensembles agenda woodwind wise.
Please, take a look at my posting in the -announcements-part of SOTW and see if this is something of interest to you or your school.
This band is on the fringe of many idioms and compositional cycles.
I appreciate your attention. Thanks!
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