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To avoid confusion concerning the marketplace rules, the administrators have collaborated on putting all the rules into one post.

Marketplace Rules

1. Marketplace eligibility

Eligibility for both the for sale and want to buy sections are determined by:

a. If you were a member prior to June 16, 2013, you should have Marketplace Privileges regardless of your post count.
b. For those members joining aft June 16, 2013, Marketplace Privileges are attributed after six months AND 50 posts relevant to saxophone or some aspect of music making.

2. When posting an item in the marketplace, you MUST provide the following information:

a. Item name make, model (especially specify alto, tenor, etc.)
b. Asking price. This is not eBay.
c. Your shipping Location
d. Description in more details. Condition.
e. Email Enabled in your profile, or posted in the ad. For safety sake, the former is advised.

3. There is no bumping allowed.

Bumping comes from the term BUMP, which stands for: Bring My Post UP – In other words, bumping is the act of posting frequent updates in one's marketplace ad in order for it to appear on top of the forum page – Not only is this practice unfair, but it’s annoying and it can lead to “Bumping wars” which in turn cause chaos rather than the anticipated benefits.

We (the mod/admin team) tolerate updates when a seller is posting to say that an item is still available.


Posting an update once a week to say that the item is still available is ACCEPTABLE

More frequent updates are UNACCEPTABLE.

4. Items for Trade

• One must still specify a price value for items for trade.
• Also specify “For Trade” or “FT” in the ad's title. Update November 25, 2013: Choose “For Trade” prefix before posting.

5. Ebay Auctions

Ebay auction may be listed in the marketplace as long as:
? “Auction” or “Ebay” is specified in the thread's title
? and providing only a link to the auction.

Of course, no bidding allowed in the forum and contact and transaction with the seller via Ebay only.

6. Relisting Items

After 2 months if your item(s) still has not sold you may (besides revising your price, shipping cost, description and other relevant details) ask us the permission to submit a new ad.

To do so, you must:
• Email or PM your favourite friendly admin (i.e.: red usernames) to specify your intentions to re-submit a marketplace ad.
• Specify the URL of your old ad, so we may delete it to avoid possible confusions and make place for your new ad.

7. Do not publicly debate the asking price.
If you have an issue with the list price, take it up with the seller in private.

8. If you're selling more than one item that is of the same type (i.e. multiple mouthpieces or horns), please list them all in one ad.
If you're selling a large quantity of items (more than 4), it's fine to re-list a new ad after 50% of the items in the previous ad have been sold. Please notify a moderator or administrator when you do this so that we may remove the other listing.
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