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Impact of a pulled-down neck on altissimo?

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My main horn has a pulled-down neck, and I cannot really get much altissimo on it at all. However, I can do fairly well on an instrument with a proper neck. Does anyone have any ideas of why this is? I'm thinking that this has more to do with an incorrect mouthpiece angle (due to the pulled-down neck) than anything else horn-/neck-specific, but...suggestions would be helpful.

I'm thinking I'll get my tech to fix the neck angle, but it's a double socket Zephyr, so replacement is pretty much out of the picture for the moment. Will this help, though? Just fixing the angle?

Please help! I need to work on my altissimo, and I have to make do with the horn I have at the moment.
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If the neck is pulled down then the bore of the neck has changed from it's original dimentions and it can affect altissimo response. Plus, a pulled down neck is a weak neck, it should be fixed as soon as possible so it doesn't split open along the sides.

Haha...well, this neck has been pulled down for over 40 years. I don't think it's in a big hurry. Of course, it might be harder to fix because of that...but...
i had a zephyr without the double socket what had a very weak neck. i pulled it down the first time, not handling it properly. i wonder if it's common.
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