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Hi y'all,

I bought my Buffet SDA tenor almost exactly a year was a closet queen and came with this closet queen mouthpiece. It came with a vintage rubber mouthpiece which turns out to be a Meyer BROS (not NY, not the new ones...a BROS) 5S (small chamber).

I've played it, it smokes but doesn't quite suit my vibe. I play a Warburton LA and I'm very happy with it.

Anyway, the piece is in excellent shape (no discoloration, nicks, dings, ligature marks, etc.) so I'm wondering about value. The flash revealed some faint blemishes on the beak in the first picture but those wiped right off when I cleaned the mouthpiece.

I'd really appreciate it if I could get some help concerning the value of this piece.

Here are some pictures:
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