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Great place by the way.
One or two of you may remember I was going there and trying to pick up a sax. Well, I'm back . . . empty handed :-(
But my hosts, realising I was interested in saxes, took me to the saxophone museum and workshops in Houli. I was able to play one of their altos and dueted with the nephew of the founder. A very nice experience. Their instuments looked the part and played well (but, to be honest, I couldn't tell a good sax from a bad one). I was particularly struck by the various finishes they had for their instruments; the 'mat' ones and one with a reddish tinge (copper) were particularly striking. Anyway, I thought I might add a curved soprano to my collection but at US$1200, I thought I would leave it: Plus the fact the company were unknown to me.
I have subsequently read some really good things about them so feel privelliged to have been there.
Anyway, they were/are holding a Jazz Festival there roundabout now and were trying to break the record for the number saxophones playing together. They were aiming for over 1000. If anyone knows how they got on please let me know.
So, that's it. At least I didn't have to worry about bringing an instrument back into the country. I look guilty at the best of times :)
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