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Thought some of you guys might have some interest in these ii-v studys.

There's a lot here-more than a books worth IMHO. have fun!! :D

Using blues scales on II-V chords-There is almost a book of info. here-you'll
get that funky blues-based sound.Lots to shed here...check it ;

A basic study moved through six steps. Then I included one of my own based on
a variation of some of the first six.I think it's always good for all of us to
go back to a basic pattern study to clear our ears and refresh our chops. Look
at all six shapes. Check it here;

A nice jazz line using II-V.

And a I-VI-II-V...of course ;)

If you check my web page- you'll find some intervallic studys on II-V.

A great ii-v my teacher Sal Nistico laid on me decades ago; this one is fun!!!

A ii-v with #9..that Sal had me doing- is here;

A nice ii-v pattern on everyones fav. tune;

Check them- and shed them!!! Who knows what could happen lol.
Have fun in the shed!

Enjoy- :)

Distinguished SOTW Columnist and Saxophonistic Art
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I love that Sal Nistico lick...I play it all the time!
I think of Sal all the time. He was not only one of the most original musicians but an inspiration. I'm waiting for my grass to dry here so I can mow it < my lawn > so I got a
second to share a Sal story.

Once we were doing a Philly gig w/Don Patterson. I got on the Schuylkill Expressway and a truck was trying to cut me off. Sal sais-Hold your lane man, this guys being a jerk. ( Other words were used but you get
my drift ) So the truck actually squeezed me over into a right lane, rolls his window down, and starts to yell!!! The next traffic light, Sal gets outta my car with his shirt off and a tank top white tshirt on ( he took off his gig shirt) and tells the truck driver " Get outta the truck "...hahaha...The guy took one look at Sal & I heard all the doors lock and he rolled up the windows. Sal called him out bad, right in front of the truck. It was some great stuff. Another time- when I first met my wife- she told me she had a nightmare about being lost in my car...with me & Sal!! LOL...Most women would of bailed in just knowing a guy was playing saxophone and etc etc....


Sal when I first met him. 1970. We moved him into our building in Boston. Holmes Hall. He had the entire DON ELLIS book memorized! He played in Ellis band in LA
for a while, and had such a great memory that he STILL in 1970, remembered ALL the parts. As well, Pepper Adams told me, when Sal subbed in Thad and Mel- he sight read the entire book!
Which was not surprising. Sal told me in the 60's when he split Woody's band for a minute, he was jamming on bari at Ornette's loft on Prince St in NYC. He never said much else on that. I think
Sal was a very honest player.Great guy...and a great cook. In today's world guys like that are few and fewer.

I uploaded a poster Lou Ornstein gave me, of Sal from a NYC memorial years back on Sal. It's in my studio home wall- no student studys with me, any age, without knowing who Sal was!


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