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II-V-I Patterns Part 1

Starting on the Tonic of the II Minor 7 Chord

by Tim Price
I've taken a basic study and then moved it through six steps. Then I included one of my own based on a variation of some of the first six.

I think it's always good for all of us to go back to a basic pattern study to clear our ears and refresh our chops. Look at all six shapes. As you start to hear the line, go back and write something of your own based on mine.

Remember-writing stuff down speeds up YOUR learning process. Get together with a playalong CD and put these to use.

Remember... I'm giving you this to activate your creativity. Study my shapes really carefully... listen to how the line starts and stops. Then... try some of your own.

Hope this helps.
Tim Price
This lesson contains seven different shapes:

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4| 5 | 6| 7|

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