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...check out this one on eBay. Looks to be for real and it's beautiful. I happen to like this vintage...plays as well as the best that I have seen/had. I still have a 454xxx tenor.

Not my auction

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Jeff -

I think his starting bid is unrealistically high, but in a way I am glad it is like that. The reason is that when a 6 is priced around 3K or (often) more, no one says a thing. But when a 20, THC, or a Buffet SDA is priced as such, people start to scream or bitch that it is a high price!

It is time for the sax world to pay these non-Selmer legendary horns the prices they deserve.

Coming back to this particular horn, I think it is realistic a price since the market prefers and pays more dough for Cleveland-era and silversonic 20's. And his is a later Eastlake, all-brass (like mine) 20.

Now, as you and some others have said, the Eastlake horns play as well as any Cleveland one - eventhough the cosmetics are stripped down.

But the market is what it is, and a few of us Eastlake players cannot change it!
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