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If it's not a Kohlert 57, then what is it?

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I found this on an online auction site, and can't figure out what it is. I'm hoping some of the experts here can tell me.
It seems to have all the characteristics of a 57 (as I understand them), and the serial number seems to indicate 1957, but it doesn't say 57 on the bell, which looks like it has the 1960s Kohlert engraving. It's obviously not one of the B&H stencils. Did Kohlert make any other models in 1957? If so, does anybody know what this one is called? I read through a lot of the threads here, and checked saxpics, but couldn't find an answer.
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Thanks Tommy! I knew it wasn't a "The Kohlert 57." I just couldn't find what it was called, if anything - maybe it is, like you suggest, just a "Kohlert." I wonder what the differences are between it and the "57" - they look pretty similar aside from the engraving. From what I've read here, even the Kohlert stencils from the 50's are good players, so I'm cautiously optimistic it will be at least decent.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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