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Ok the facts I know
Its a Conn Bari Sax with Low A

It says CG CONN LTD DJH Modified on the bell with the naked lady pentagon in the middle all engraved with a floral type design

Then on the back under the right thumb rest but above the curve joint it says

It has sheet key guards, not those old tri bar looking ones

Its an instrument from my highschool. I found it deep within the closet last year with some bad water damage in the case from a leaking pipe. The pads were good and it now plays good, even though the crapy school repair contract took 8 months to get a new case and sucked at fixing it up. But it sounds real good aside from some tuning in the upper register, its so off, and a few weak springs that jam a little buts its nice. I was wondering what year and Model and all such. The school, I believe, opened in sometime around 1920s but switched buildings somwhere around the 40-60s, im not sure. I am sure that there are a few insturments that date back to this date. Thanks very much

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Low A bari from the 1920s I don't think so.
Does it say where made? (Germany)?

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According to something I read on saxpics, it was probably made somewhere from 1980 to 1985.

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Dan Henkin owned Conn (he was my boss at Gemeinhardt) from about 1980 until around 1984 and liked putting his name on things. I am not sure on the Baris, but the altos were from Keilwerth. This should be a decent player but due to the later manufacture, it will never be a Mark VI. I would guess about $1,500 in good playing condition with minimal dents.
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