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Identifying Parts of a Hodgepodged Neck

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A month or so ago I purchased a Conn 10M from a SOTW member, and have been exceptionally happy with my purchase. The main curiousity on the horn, is the neck. The neck had an extra bar attached on top of it, and the support bar and double-socket shows evidence of soldering. When I brought it in to my local tech to have a considerable amount of play removed from the octave key, he believed that the neck may have been 10M, but that the keywork and double-socket looked Martin of origin! But...I didn't think Martin made any double sockets. Maybe the tech was pointing at something else, like the screw holder or something, but I'm pretty sure he was looking at the socket. I'm really curious exactly what it is!

(The neck does play well and in tune, even though there are some noticable dents and warbled on the interior, near and on the double socket.)

I've taken a few pictures and put them in a .pdf file on my website. Totally download size is around 700Kb, so even on dialup shouldn't take long to look at.

Note: You'll notice some small leather circles in a few spots. Those were added by me as bumpers to help remove play. They've actually worked quite well!
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It's a late Conn 10M neck as a base, and the octave key appears to have been made specifically (or heavily customized) to replace a lost original. The stopper design is definitely "Martin-esque" but I don't believe it's actually from a Martin parts donor.
Only un-original piece I see is that "guide" that someone added to the top. The neck, neckbrace, double-socket, and octave arm are all original equipment on a certain late range of 10Ms, before they switched to the underslung-arm design you see on the latest.....

If the "guide" was added because the octave arm is wobbly, the screw hinge-tube probably needs a bit of swaging.
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