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this is an fan meant to dry the inside of the saxophone ( whatever one thinks of this) but I just thought, what if if you play while this thing is on?

should give an interesting effect!

If the ventilator sucks in the air it may be like this


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Everybody has played into a fan - it just breaks up the sound similar to a growl. I think the blower is a good idea for drying a horn but you should still swab it first or put a stuffer in and then remove it. For the gigging musician, it would be a bust because you put your horn away and head home. Nobody is going to unload their stuff at home late at night and then take horns out and hook up a blower. This is why I use stuffers.
For the non-giggers, professional students and various internet pretenders among us, it should a be great.

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I love that you can put it in the bell, switch on and walk down the street with it blowing away inside the case. I鈥檓 not sure I want to but I love it that you can.
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