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I Think I Finally Broke My Sax In

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I have been playing the same Alto, the one listed in my sig. for nearly 11 years.
I have played it more and more as the years have progressed, I have advanced, been through school, gigging with it, etc.

Over the last couple of weeks, my sax has just sort of had a second wind. I was really close to replacing it, but now, all of the sudden, the thing feels like a good mark VI, the sound has always been what I've wanted, but the action has always put me off a bit. I think my sax must have overheard me talking about replacing it, cause WOW! I can't really describe it, but it just feels so effortless all of the sudden. I guess I know why used horns have so much appeal now.

Has anyone else had this experience with a new sax they have had for years? It's almost like the horn has developed with me, I guess it has. Totally cool stuff.
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