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New mouthpiece for my SX-90 soprano

I got home from LA today, and my new Lawton mouthpiece was waiting for me. It's a Jason Lawton (Geoff's son) built ebonite 7B. I put a new Vandoren Java #3 reed on, and damn if this horn didn't just come alive.

My Rousseau NC5 sounded nice, but this soprano just sings with this Lawton mouthpiece. I've got a holiday party with the band I played in this past spring and summer before leaving to go on tour tomorrow. I'm sure I'll get to play some more tomorrow and see how it sounds with a full group, even though I'm still getting used to the horn and the mouthpiece. But it already sounds great.

This horn and mouthpiece combo sounds and feels nearly identical to my alto and tenor. (I play an ebonite Lawton 7*B/Vandoren Java #3 1/2 on alto and bronze 8B/Vandoren Java #3 1/2 on tenor, both built by Geoff before his death in 2005).

I'm still trying to figure out if I can safely find a way to take this this soprano on tour with me for the spring leg. If I can't figure it out, then it'll be mid June before I get to play it again. :crybaby:
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