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I need help you guys please W/ DUKOFF SOPRANO MUP

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I bought a dukoff for soprano D8 but this mouth pieces is too big for my horn It is to loose, If anyone has a expirience like this, tell me what can I do. If there is something that I need to know about dukoff mouthpieces?
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To try it out, wrap PTF tape around the cork, otherwise you need a tech to fit a new cork. Give them the mouthpieces you want to use and they will find a way to make you happy.
I agree with the above advice. Not all soprano mouthpieces (and I suppose other sized pieces, too) have the same interior diameter in the barrel. I experienced those differences between my two favorite sop pieces (SS-J and Morgan Vintage).

I had a repair-tech (Scimonetti's in Lancaster, CA) change all of my giging soprano's neck-corks to fit my Morgans. With some grease, the SS-J's will also work but they are much tighter. DAVE
I have a Morgan Vintage that is way too big for my neck as well. I took a piece of paper and wrapped it around the cork and then the mouthpiece fit nicely. I'll probably get it re-corked eventually.
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