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As often happens there are no records from companies which have shut down and have disappeared long ago.

“..Denis Buffet-Auger, of the Buffet family of French musical instrument makers, began making quality clarinets in Paris, France in 1825. The company expanded under Jean-Louis Buffet and his wife Zoé Crampon and became known as Buffet Crampon. (Another family member, Auguste Buffet jeune, who worked with famous clarinetist Hyacinthe Klosé to develop the Boehm system for clarinet, had his own business separate from Buffet Crampon.)..."

Dating it will only be possible as a rough estimation and very likely this was made by another company AFTER the death of Auguste Buffet

this one here appears (according to the author) to be a Couesnon stencil (they were a huge company and made plenty of stencils) , stenciling was always done and if anything was even more common before than it is now.

This was a thread on an Auguste Buffet saxophone obviously stencilled by DOLNET (they made tons of clarinets too and there is NO registry of their serial number!)

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