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I need a recommendation

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I need to learn about chords, but the stuff I see online is downright confusing. Do any of you know of any articles on the internet or any books that can explain it simply to an dummy like me? Are there any articles that explain both the sax and chords together? I need the easiest, simplest article to understand. Thanks!
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Here's Tim Price's SOTW teachings;
That can keep anyone busy for a long time. Getting you're very own real live sax teacher would be an even bigger help to you.

Good luck
Take a look at this site:

Specifically: "Tools in the Shed - Study Materials"
This is the best book I've seen that addresses this subject for the novice.

I know the author. He is a gifted classcal guitar and jazz trumpet player and an excellent teacher.
Yes, I will speak to my teacher about it this weekend. I read the article here on the website before but I still find it difficult to understand for someone who has no music theory background. That's why I wanted an easier explanation. I'll see if the teacher can spell it out for me, if not I'm going to try the book Al recommended, it has some good ratings.

Thanks. :)
You can't learn music theory by only reading about it. You have to play the chords and hear how they sound and how they relate to each other and to the melodies.
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