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I have always loved the lushness and the velvety quality of subtone, since I have been a big fan of Ben Webster, Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins since the day I started playing. However many players do not use subtone on baritone. but it sounds amazing on it, due to the low register. In this vlog I shared some studies that I like to do very slowly, as a meditation, hence the title zen.
Despite the video cover shows a tenor horn I played baritone in the video, my trusty '45 Conn12M.
Hope you enjoy the video, enable english subs in the menu if you need.


Nice video. I also really do like subtone on baritone. You don't hear many players using it. Serge Chaloff was one of the few baritone players who did.

For some reason it is much more difficult than subtone on the smaller saxes but I found it easier when I started using a bigger tip opening mouthpiece... also easier on the low Bb baritone than a low A.

These two videos are on a Conn Chu 220xxx with a 9* No USA Otto Link.

This one is on a 1980's low A Yanigisawa with 7* Link.

*Edit. Sorry
@bb. I don't want to hijack your thread. I hope you don't mind me posting these. Thanks very much for your blog video.
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