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I love ebay :)

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I have a Fremont sax, it's a genuine pro-level Taiwanese made instrument that gets lumped in with the generic 'asian horn' crowd. Unfortunate for any sellers, but fortunate for us buyers. Actually I bought mine new, but I've since bought a soprano and another tenor 2nd hand.

In fact I have a 'watch alert' on ebay to tell me when one comes up, and last week it pop's up (they do come up every couple of months or so). Unfortunately it says it's a tenor and I can't really justify a 3rd :)

So, I was thinking of putting an idle post on here suggesting it for anyone who was after a good quality horn cheaply when I noticed that it was actually an alto not a tenor. I don't have an alto, so it's now part of my collection, I was the only bidder at £150. Don't you just love people who have no idea what they're selling :)
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