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I have played tenor since I was a child and had never played alto, but have become increasingly curious about playing alto as well as tenor.

I was all set to buy a cheap student Yamaha (I had found a YAS-23 for 150 dollars on craigslist) when I saw an ad for a Chicago Jazz Series Alto.

I decided that I could stretch a bit more and try to get the B&S stencil (after researching it here and elsewhere).

Wow am I glad that I did! My first day playing the horn it began to sing in my hands (and I am still clueless about alto).

I almost prefer it to playing tenor and am amazed at the instrument's response and intonation. I hope someday to find a tenor like it.

Wow, Wow, Wow is all I can say.

It is such a shame they did not continue to make saxophones. If the Medusa horns are at all like this one, then I can see why they have such a following.

Thanks for listening!


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That is indeed a real B&S and perfect for a guy from Chicago! Welcome to the club.
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