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I'd been playing on a V16 HR 6. It was really just too closed for me. I saw this guy Hawkins for a hundred bucks new in an 8 and I was right. It's exactly the right opening. The baffle isn't terribly long, and the Chamber is pretty wide open. My main instrument is tenor, I only use the alto for this regylar funk gig. On very rare occasions I pick up a lead Alto chair in a big band gig for which the HR V16 will probably still be best. But what a fun screaming piece this guy Hawkins is.
The reason that I even looked twice at it is because back in the seventies in high school the first metal piece I ever got for tenor was a guy Hawkins. I don't remember what happened to that piece I moved on from it. But I do remember liking it because it was powerful, and that was what was lacking from the alto in the genre I play.
It says Babbitt on the box, and the machined Precision is beautiful. I have a Lakey 7 or 8 for the alto, but I don't care for how crazy it can be without serious discipline with regard to intonation. I definitely prefer the Hawkins which in addition to more stable intonation also seems to have a little more body in the tone albeit screaming loud.

Anyway, yay. Carry on...
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