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Well, after months of dithering I finally joined the Sopranino Club! The horn is an Orpheo brand keyed to high F#, which looks like a Tenon horn similar to Kessler, Allora, et al, with nickel-silver key arms. I've been able to find very little info about the brand itself other than it may or may not be in some way affiliated with Steve Goodson.

The horn itself was in near perfect condition, with only a shallow dent on the neck. I had my local tech burnish it most of the way out and the upper register response and intonation has improved. I may take it back to see if he can get it the rest of the way out, but I'm happy with it for now.

There is a little weirdness though. If I play a trill Bb3 o1--|1--, o1--|-2-, or o1--|--3, I get a B-flat. If I press two or more keys on the right hand it plays a B natural. So I can actually trill between Bb and B with o1--|1-- and o1--|12-. Down an octave at Bb2 B-flat plays regardless of how many keys I'm pressing in the right hand. Any thoughts?

I'm playing a Caravan mouthpiece with Legere soprano reeds at the moment, looking to order Legere 'nino reeds in the near future. For now, though, I'm having a blast with this little thing!
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