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Hi All, I'm a newby to the forum.
I am reaching out in the hopes that someone here will know what I have..
I purchased a saxophone from a house clearance auction about 8 years ago. I paid not much money for it as it isn't in the best of condition.
I have searched and searched the internet for some evidence of the make, year etc of it (i just want some sort of history etc). The only makers mark is on the mouth peace which is Selmer but I guess this could be an added accessory somewhere down the line. On the Sax itself there is nothing of a make at all just a small serial number J009.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me please? (please see images below)


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It looks like a generic Mark VI (ish) copy, the thumbrest has a particular decorative element that I’ve seen before ( and even then it was on some obscure saxophone, sorry but I can’t find it back on the many threads of unidentifiable saxophones here in the archives) but this points out to an early Asian copy. In all fairness , nothing makes this saxophone noteworthy and you will probably never find out the exact name of the obscure factory which made it.

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About the saxophone I can't add anything, althought the G key seems a bit strange (maybe the pearl fell off or it was modified, can't tell from the pictures).

The mouthpiece is a Selmer Long Shank Soloist Style or a Selmer Long Shank Soloist. It's the second one if on the other side of the mouthpiece is written Soloist, but I think not, so it should be the first.

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i thought it was a Mark VI upon the first glance, but the serial number shows that it is not the common Selmer digits i am familiar with.
If it sounds good and plays well, just cherish it as a memorable treasure.
With this specific resolution and lacquer wear, it does look very VI-ish. That illusion is quickly ruined by the engravings, and I'm sure that it would be easier to spot cost cutting measures in person. Not a bad looking ultra cheap horn though. The big question is, how does it play?
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