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I got a sax off e-bay with a messed up tonehole

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I got a sax off e-bay with a tonehole that looks like it was pushed in on one side a little, and so it is not perfectly round. Can this be repaired and will it influence anything? The seller said it played, so I'm guessing it was already repaired, but the horn plays stuffy so I had to bring it into my tech.
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It may not be hard to fix but there some things to check - is top of tonehole currently level, what are heights of tonehole walls etc. Good you took it to a tech.
When I buy a horn off ebay and it does not say overhauled, repadded, reconditioned or something like that I would expect it to need some adjustments. A tech can fix a tonehole without much problem unless it is part of other problem caused by impacts etc. At this point I wouldn't worry too much. If the overall sax is what you want it should be able to be put into top shape.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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