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I got a sax off e-bay with a messed up tonehole

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I got a sax off e-bay with a tonehole that looks like it was pushed in on one side a little, and so it is not perfectly round. Can this be repaired and will it influence anything? The seller said it played, so I'm guessing it was already repaired, but the horn plays stuffy so I had to bring it into my tech.
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sax2see said:
It would be a very nice horn if it responded better (about 8 yrs old Yani) but the bent middle B tonehole is not so pretty.
Considering the excellent quality of Yani's, I'd venture to say that the upper section of the body tube is bent and as a result is what caused the tonehole to distort in the first place. Not surpising to also find that the side C tonehole is also distorted due to their proximity to each other.
sax2see said:
I still don't know what's going on with it but I am going to call the tech today and talk to him.
All a tech should have to do for starters is take the main upper stack rod screw out and take the keys off of the instrument and then test the straightness of the long rod screw. If that checks out ok (it probably won't) try to place that rod screw back into the upper stack posts with the keys off the instrument. If it slides straight through and screws directly centered into the anchoring post, the body should be fairly straight in that area. Should take 5 minutes to find out. 15 minutes total to put it all back in functioning order again if all is found well. Keep the faith and let us know how you make out. This really needs to be corrected ASAP IMO.
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