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I got a sax off e-bay with a messed up tonehole

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I got a sax off e-bay with a tonehole that looks like it was pushed in on one side a little, and so it is not perfectly round. Can this be repaired and will it influence anything? The seller said it played, so I'm guessing it was already repaired, but the horn plays stuffy so I had to bring it into my tech.
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As long as the push is on the sides or bottom of the tonehole (top being that portion of the upper edge which is closest to the neck end) its unlikely to do much of anything except affect sealing unless its a huge bend. At the top it could conceivably affect tuning a bit. That "affect sealing" part could be pretty noxious though as irregularly surfaced toneholes have a habit of being sealed and then unsealing themselves over time as felt compresses and leather dries on the associated pad. Letting your tech sort it out truly is your best course unless you've done extensive tinkering and have a decent grasp of what and what not to do.
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