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I got a sax off e-bay with a messed up tonehole

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I got a sax off e-bay with a tonehole that looks like it was pushed in on one side a little, and so it is not perfectly round. Can this be repaired and will it influence anything? The seller said it played, so I'm guessing it was already repaired, but the horn plays stuffy so I had to bring it into my tech.
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For what its worth I received a T991 with shipping damage (in spite of very careful packing) arond the now Eb and D tone holes, they were pretty bashed in. My tech, Les Arbuckle did the repairs and the horn came out playing extremely well in fact far better then a brand new T991 with a TenorMadness setup that I compared it with. A good tech should be able to set the whole horn right.
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