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I cover the waterfront on alto and tenor

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It has been a while, but I have been busy on youtube, doing some collaborations with other musicians..

This is my latest, a bit of a departure:

This is me on Alto, Tenor and Guitar

The backing is Aebersold's "with strings"

I am using my Martin "The Martin" alto with a selmer c*, a cheap Walstein Tenor with an otto link HR 5* and a Guild X-150 guitar, straight into a multitrack.

I was after a sort of 50's film soundtrack feel to the swooping alto (normally used in romantic scenes!) but it is surprisingly difficult to do, any advice gratefully received.

As usual all comments welcome.. good or bad.

If you get time check out some of my other recent clips (just click on more from this user)
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Beautiful. Just Beautiful!

Veeerrrry tasty. Isn't it wonderful what a few notes can do if they're done right?

I'm just not in a very good place tonight and that really made me feel nice. Thank you, Matthew. :)
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