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As a lot of you know Midi is an excellent way to learn new songs, rehearse, and even compose. There's a lot, and I do mean lot of free Midi files out there on the Net but if you start looking for Smooth Jazz the numbers diminish very quickly. and if you look for something that is a current hit on Smooth Jazz stations you're pretty much out of luck.

I'm a member of this forum for lots of reasons. To learn and to contribute to the growth of other players. I also own a successful online backing tracks company. Some of you have already gotten some backing tracks from me and some have had me do some custom midi sequencing. Thank you so much!

If there is a song or songs you're just itchin to play in the Smooth Jazz genre and other genres as well, I invite you over to see if I already have it and if not, you can put in a price quote request to see what it would cost to have it custom made for you. You can have it in either Standard Midi format or in Pro Audio Backing Track format or both. If you mention you are from this forum I'll give you a 15% discount on the price, ok? Unfortunately I do not sell sheet music to the songs.

If you love Warren Hill's music or Gerald Albright or Kirk Whalum you will be thrilled at what you find there.

Smooth Jazz Guy
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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