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I am Looking For Two New Mouth Peices

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Ok guys I am trying to look for profestional level Classical and Jass mouth peices for my Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax. I currently own the selmer C* and a meyer 5

For Classical I Want an easy to play dark toned mouth peice

For jazz i want a very Bright metal Mouth piece

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If you are switching a lot, I would go with either same tip opening or same family. I do both using a Selmer S-80 and Super Session both in a D facing. For years I had a Meyer 6M and it was about the same tip. The SS just has more guts and the S-80 is a bit more refined. Still "your" sound will be similar on any mouthpiece but the ease of projection may vary a lot.
I have never found a metal mouthpiece I liked on alto. Used a Berg in 1963, Link in 1966, Selmer 1967 and still use HR for any alto piece.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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