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Hypothetical Reference ____ Soprano

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Here's a hypothetical for all you SOTW inventive geniuses (i.e. everyone)::)

I saw/heard a local player yesterday who had a Selmer Serie III soprano in silver plate (beautiful!), and being a Ref. 36 player, I asked myself a series of questions which I had fun trying to answer. It occured to me that others might be interested in considering the same.

If Selmer decided to make a Reference version of the soprano, what year would they choose, and on what would they base their retro/modern soprano? Would the reference model be a Selmer at all, or another vintage instrument? What characteristics would this beastie have?

Weigh in, have fun.
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Dr G said:
They would do best to copy a Yanagisawa. ;)

Failing that, I would like to see/play a bent neck, straight sop with a fixed neck (not removable). No high G, please. That would put the horn in the years of the Mk VI to SA80 (aka Serie I). FWIW, I agree with Grumps that some of the best earlier vintage sops were from Buescher. Buescher was making quality sops long before Selmer figured it out.
Isn't this (bent neck, fixed) what they've already done with the Serie III sop?
Shhhhh . . . that was my evil plan.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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