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Hypothetical Reference ____ Soprano

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Here's a hypothetical for all you SOTW inventive geniuses (i.e. everyone)::)

I saw/heard a local player yesterday who had a Selmer Serie III soprano in silver plate (beautiful!), and being a Ref. 36 player, I asked myself a series of questions which I had fun trying to answer. It occured to me that others might be interested in considering the same.

If Selmer decided to make a Reference version of the soprano, what year would they choose, and on what would they base their retro/modern soprano? Would the reference model be a Selmer at all, or another vintage instrument? What characteristics would this beastie have?

Weigh in, have fun.
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Classic Mk. VI era type horn with:

a) no high F# (and, obviously, no high G);

b) palm keys that are still flat like the VI, but elevated in some way to make them a little easier to play;

c) a left hand pinky table that is still narrow like that of the VI but slightly convex and easier to use; and

d) fixed neck design

Seems pointless to me to make a Reference soprano that is merely a Serie III with a few slight tweaks. The Mark VI is not as hard to play nor as out-of-tune as its detractors would have one believe, and a modernized version of it would be a great addition to Selmer's line.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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