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It's that time again (which is the name of our Christmas Album available from ITunes and CDBaby on our website) for our 7th annual Christmas Concert and this time we are doing a short preview of the concert with the Northern Dutchess Symphony Orchestra.

This years special event, is that Dr. Paul Cohen along with graciously loaning us his Contrabass Saxophone, as allowing us to use his Sub Contrabass Tubax (one of 8 in the world) and I'll be playing it for "Your'e a Mean One, Mr. Grinch".

This should be a fun time with the end of the concert, having young saxophonists (NYSSMA level 4 or higher), join us for the last few songs.

If your in our area (Arlington, NY at the High School, between NYC and Albany near the Hudson), check out our website, or would like to donate by purchasing our album on ITunes or CDBaby, 100% of our profits are used for charity. Top notch players are all doing this for free. It's a great time!!

Thanks Everybody!!!
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