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Hi Friends :
I have an AKG C-3000 microphone that I intend to use to record my tenor sax playing. I will be using in it in my studio ( 3 mts x 4 mts ).
I will be using headphones to hear the playalongs, and I have a Behringer U-Phoria UM-2 to connect the mic to my MacbookPro using Logic Pro X.
The microphone provides selector switches for the preattenuation pad and bass cut filter.
The pre attenuation switch lets you increase the microphone headroom by 10db for distortion free recording of very loud sound sources or close to sound sources.
The bass cut selector : Rumbling of wind noise may cause distortion at very low frequencies. The microphone's swithchable bass cut filter reduces low end distortion.

The selectors must be ( in my situation, recording at my studio ) at 0dB and without the bass cut sector ?
Many thanks

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Check the manual.

Low cut or not?
It's all about about how much postproduction you are going to do.

If the acoustics of the room is not... ideal, better cut some low frequencies (under 80 Hz).
Not so useful frequencies on a tenor, expecially if boosted by the proximity effect.

Check how much gain the pre can accept... in case of a signal from the mic too hot, enable the pad.
(With the Behringer... I'll activate the pad as first thing: a studio condenser mic is plenty of gain even with the pad enabled).

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A low cut pad may change the distance from the microphone which you would stand. With it on you likely will be standing closer to the microphone.
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