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how to scoop like Hodges?

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Hi all,

It's been awhile since i've been on the forum. anyway. I'm playing Sultry Sunset composed by Ellington and arranged by david berger. I know exactly what scoop sounds like. but for some reason i just cant get the pitch to start low and get it up to where it needs to be. Should your mouth move on the mouthpiece at all? is it all in the jaw?

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I think playing like Hodges has to do with relaxing the throat and shaping it from there. Its alot easier to see this point if you try playing, once, a hard rubber tenor mouthpiece with tenor reed on the alto. You will have alot of tonal play with the throat all of a sudden. Its that kind of control you are going for on the alto mouthpiece.

Phil Barone has posted a tone producing thread that can help anyone.
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