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How to remove old pearls?

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I going to put new pearls on keys of old sax. But do not know how to remove old pearls. Who knows how to remove old pearls? The some holders of pearls have small holes, that will possibly accelerate remove pearls, but there are such holders which do not have holes.
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Sometimes the pear can be pried loose by inserting a stiff pointed needle spring between the pearl and the outer edge. You need to be very careful not to damage the edge of the pearl holder using this method. The stubborn ones often require very carefully cutting down the center of the pearl with a thin diamond cutting wheel in a dremel tool. Once split in this fashion, the pearl is easy to pry out using a small screwdriver or knife blade. Both techniques require a steady hand and some degree of skill, so be very careful. If you are not sure of your ability, take the sax to an experienced tech to avoid damaging the keys.
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