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How to Record Yourself and Not Hate It (blog)

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A couple days ago I started responding to a post about home recording here on SOTW and realized that my response was getting long... VERY long. Also, it occurred to me that I've been giving similar advice to many of my friends who are brilliant musicians but know next to nothing about recording. Because of the pandemic, they're being forced to adapt, like I mentioned in the article I wrote for EarthQuaker Devices recently. So I thought it would be worth turning it into a blog post to go into more detail about how to really get started with professional recordings at home.

Here's the blog post. I hope it helps some folks out!
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Of course you're going to hate it! I don't know the psychological term for it but most everybody hates to hear themselves playing. The trick is to use the recording to weed out the things that didn't work and put in the things that do work. IOW, its about 'effectiveness'. Your ideas are probably good, but when you play it back, you don't like it. You change it, then it works. You have become more 'effective'. As you go down this path, you strive to get to the point where you play the 'right' stuff the first time around - but without the recordings, you're trying to do it blind, and that is not going to work.
Typically the harshest conditions are encountered on live gigs, which brings out the worst in your playing. When you get live recordings that are favorable, you will have reached a point where recordings at home or in the studio will be that much better.
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