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How to Record Yourself and Not Hate It (blog)

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A couple days ago I started responding to a post about home recording here on SOTW and realized that my response was getting long... VERY long. Also, it occurred to me that I've been giving similar advice to many of my friends who are brilliant musicians but know next to nothing about recording. Because of the pandemic, they're being forced to adapt, like I mentioned in the article I wrote for EarthQuaker Devices recently. So I thought it would be worth turning it into a blog post to go into more detail about how to really get started with professional recordings at home.

Here's the blog post. I hope it helps some folks out!
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I liked your article.
This suggestion might sound silly, but if you have someone do any mixing/mastering it will help. The only thing worse than hearing a finished recording of yourself is hearing it over and over during the mixdown process.
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