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How to Record Yourself and Not Hate It (blog)

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A couple days ago I started responding to a post about home recording here on SOTW and realized that my response was getting long... VERY long. Also, it occurred to me that I've been giving similar advice to many of my friends who are brilliant musicians but know next to nothing about recording. Because of the pandemic, they're being forced to adapt, like I mentioned in the article I wrote for EarthQuaker Devices recently. So I thought it would be worth turning it into a blog post to go into more detail about how to really get started with professional recordings at home.

Here's the blog post. I hope it helps some folks out!
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Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to clarify... The topic of this article isn't so much the psychological challenge of getting used to hearing your recorded sound on playback. That is indeed a long and arguably traumatizing process, and it took me many years to develop a sound that I'm happy with on any kind of recording. I only address that a tiny bit in the first section, mentioning that the source of the recording - in this case, your own musicianship - is still the most important part, and that's a worthy challenge of a journey.

The actual topic here is to help professional-level musicians who HAVE developed a sound they're happy with, and who have likely participated in many professional studio recordings, record themselves competently at home since it's an increasingly essential skill to have as a working musician in 2020. It was heading that way before the pandemic hit, but this catastrophe has crystallized it. That's why I posted the link in this particular subforum. :).
Though I'm not a professional, I enjoyed the article and have appreciated your advice on microphones. As a (somewhat advanced) amateur, I've started learning about home recording as a remedy for not being able to get together with friends for jam sessions and casual gigs. It seems like making lemonade out of lemons, and also an incentive to improve as a player when the public-performance incentives don't exist. It'd be nice to look back on Covid as "the thing that finally got me over the hump with home recording and composition."

Thanks again for sharing your expertise!
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