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On my PC rig running Windows 10, MuseScore 3.6.2 (free open-source notation software) using its bundled soundfont does not playback glissandi, scoops, et al in midi.

MuseScore 4.0, now in beta development with all-new, vastly improved sound libraries, does play glissandi & scoops convincingly. After testing it on virtual sax & trombone in some jazz tunes I transcribed, I've gotta say the playback is righteous.

MuseScore's 4.0 beta version is still buggy as the far-flung developers address issues flagged by beta users on github. A date for official release of v4.0 has not yet been announced, & full implementation of midi capabilities may not happen until v4.1 or 4.2.

Nevertheless I think MuseScore 4.0 will prove to be a useful notation tool with an efficient UI, plausible instrumental sounds, & robust code under the hood. While it'll continue to favor the academic / classical / choral/ early music worlds, not addressing every need of a jazz arranger/composer or songwriter, I'm eagerly anticipating its release. And ya can't beat the price.
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