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What is the difference between the straight and curved lines in terms of how these are played? Thanks in advance.
I'm by no means a music notation expert, but if I was answering your question......

Your first example is a "Slide" or a "Glissando". It instructs the performer to begin two or three scale steps below the marked note and "slide" upward—that is, move stepwise diatonically (only using the notes in the key signature you are playing) between the initial and final notes.If there is not a note at the start of the Glissandi, then I believe the amount of "slide" up to the target note is up to the discretion of the player.
Your second example is a "Scoop".
A scoop is a lip slur from about a half-step below into a target note. It's pretty quick and is notated with an ascending curve before the target note. The target notes can be long, short, accented and with marcato.
There are examples all over Google/Youtube/etc.....

Hope this helps.
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