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I have an elderly Adolphe Sax Alto, I've owned for about 25 or 30 years. It seems pretty similar in age to the one described in this 2014 thread (, so I assume it's one of the Selmer Adolphes, from 1929.

It's inscribed as follows:
Premier Grand Prix de la Facture Instrumentale
Medaille d’Or 1900
Adolphe SAX
84, Rue Myrha
No. 530

The second serial number is 10714X.

The mouthpiece is labelled Henri Selmer, Paris, C*, Made in France.
It looks like it may be an S80, but the area where that identification should appear is almost completely worn away.

I'd like to sell this instrument but I don't play and I don't know how to check or describe the condition. Can you give any guidance on things to check, and comment on, so I give a fair description?

I've put up a gallery of hi-res photos here:, though I don't know if I'm allowed to post links as a novice poster. I'll also attach a couple of photos here to this post.

Thanks for your help.
Rob P1020136.jpg P1020143.jpg P1020144.jpg


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